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Returns, Refund and Exchange Policy


American Tactical Manufacturing Company (ATMC.US) a wholly owned Paramount Finance, LLC (a Florida LLC) company, accepts Returns, Refunds and Exchanges using the following Policy and protocols.

In all cases use this email address/link to report a return/refund/exchange request

Our Products are rather hardy and allows us to use the following liberally as long as we're communicating with a cooperative customer. We're all human and things (errors) happen...!

If we ship the wrong size or part
  • If we're wrong we'll take care of it including return postage.
  • You must report the issue to us within 14 days
  • Please Do Not Ship product back before obtaining a correct/agreed resolution and RMA #.
  • First contact us via email and explain the error as you perceive it. Please provide contact details so we may call or reply to verify what the issue is and how we can resolve it. Feel free to attach any photo's
  • Upon verification, we will provide a pre-paid return USPS shipping label. Your obligation is to re-package the product (or re-use existing packaging), use our pre-paid label and deliver to the USPS. Keep in mind we must receive the product so packaging is important
  • Upon receipt of the undamaged and unused product we will ship the correct product.
  • If we agreed to refund your money then 100% of the amount paid for the item that was returned shall be returned to you using the same method you used to purchase the product.

If you order the wrong size or part
  • It happens. No problem. We'll make it work
  • Send us an email within 14 days explaining the error and which size or part you really needed.
  • If you report after 14 days please be so kind and help us understand why it took longer than 14 days
  • Since we generally pay for shipping the first time around we'll ask you to pay for shipping round-trip
  • The steps are... You return the unused, undamaged product to us (your shipping) and enclose a check to ship the replacement part out.
  • The round trip costs are generally less than $6.00 - let us confirm

If the product arrives damaged or missing
  • It's critical to work together and resolve this type of issue
  • If the product arrives damaged you must send pictures of the product and the shipping box or envelope.
  • Your mail carrier person should provide a document that confirms the packaging was damaged in shipping. Send a picture of this too.
  • If we've insured the parcel (generally over $100 purchases) you must file a report with the local post office. They will need to see the package and product that was damaged. The mail carrier should provide you with a statement the parcel was damaged in shipping. This is a USPS policy and they should offer it voluntarily. They will not know whether the product inside has been damaged or insured which is why you must then file a report with the local office. Please be sure we are working together. There's nothing graceful about working with the USPS for any product damage or insurance claim.
  • If the parcel arrives empty - you will receive a document from the mail carrier person that the item appears missing or the parcel was delivered empty. This is a USPS policy.
  • In all cases we will work with you for a favorable and professional resolution.
If you decide you want a refund
  • We'll accept refund requests when made within 14 days of purchase
  • If after 14 days please explain why. Christmas, holidays, birthdays - we get it!
  • DO NOT return anything until you've reported the request and we've provided an RMA with a correct return address
  • Please understand that we'd like to recover our shipping fees so we must charge a maximum 20% restocking fee. We will adjust the restocking fee down to cover the original shipping. It will never be higher than 20%
  • You pay for return shipping and upon receipt of the unused undamaged product we will refund the balance (less adjusted re-stocking fee) to the payment method you used for the purchase
  • Hopefully we can discuss an exchange for another product in which case we'll forgo the re-stocking fee

We are proud to please our customers and strive to provide the best product and service possible. Your satisfaction is important to us. We thank you for your business and the trust you place in us to provide these awesome products. MGT ATMC.US